We are

Valpaco is one of the largest paper supply groups in Europe. Created in 1998 by Jean Valli, the group employs 35 people today and is settled in two countries.

Valpaco’s mission is to be the most advanced group in stock management and in financial flow optimisation through expertise and innovation.

Our mission

Since its creation in 1998, Valpaco has been one of the first worldwide groups to promote the sustainable management of our forests. Leader in the printing-writing market, Valpaco develops its expertise towards the packaging market.

A new growing market that answers a vital necessity:

The protection of our planet.

The paper pulp is the alternative solution to synthetic products. It is recyclable, natural and biodegradable. Our constant stock of 10,000 tons of paper and our unique cutting workshop in Europe allow us to meet the expectations of our clients and to accompany them during the economic and ecological transformation.

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