Our commitments

Valpaco or the desire to do business

Each day, we have to apprehend everything that surrounds us, anticipate and master all technological evolutions to be a source of proposals for our clients.

We have to progress and question ourselves, it is our driving force and we have to accompany our clients everyday in their choices. We constantly have to look for all avenues of plan of progress.

Prevent unforeseen events, adapt to change by guaranteeing the expected quality.

responsibility is complete.

Our environmental responsibility

Valpaco has been one of the very first group to commit to the protection of our forests.

Certified since 2007, Valpaco helps its clients and suppliers to get certified too in order to help guarantee the sustainable development of our forests.

From now on, we will stop using synthetic products and only use paper pulp based products, in addition, the ecological awareness of industrials pushed by their consumers is a chance for our planet. Valpaco commits to accompany all those who participate in this transformation.

Our economic and social responsibility

Valpaco only works with suppliers mindful of the human condition of their employees. These suppliers have to share the values of Valpaco.

We regularly examine the manufacturing and transforming sites and we make sure of the well-being of the employees along with the respect of manufacturing conditions.

Our social responsibility
linked to handicap

The creator of Valpaco, Jean Valli, has invested in the Solidaire printer’s shop settled in Mayenne. This printer’s shop has become the first to be adapted in Europe with over 80% of the staff having a disability.


« After creating the Valpaco group, leading company in the paper flow management, I decided to invest in an adapted printer’s shop in order to prove that a handicap is an asset for a company.

The Solidaire printer’s shop is, from now on, the first adapted shop in Europe. I am proud that this strong social commitment has been heard by our clients and thank them for their loyalty.

A true innovative workshop, I would like to pay tribute to the competence and the will of my teams. »

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