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At Valpaco, we put our expertise to work to offer you the best paper supply and paper management solutions.

Our Paper DNA enables us to support you in managing flows and processes (paper, printing and logistics).

European leader<br>in paper services

European leader
in paper services

2013 turnover

2013 turnover

A company with a strong<br>environmental commitment

A company with a strong
environmental commitment

Why use Valpaco?

Partenaire background Partenaire background

A confident, solid and independent partner

Thanks to our intimate knowledge of the global paper market and its players, we keep a constant eye out to inform you about developments in our industry.

Gestion background Gestion background

Flawless flow management

Thanks to our expertise, Valpaco can reduce risks linked to the juxtaposition of different players in the production chain.

Business background Business  background

A team with multiple responsibilities

A team of professionals ready to support you on a daily basis to meet your needs and introduce customised solutions to help you optimise your purchases.

Avantages background Avantages background

Innovation for the benefit of partners

A bespoke service

Our societal commitments

As a recognised responsible economic player in our industry, we actively participate in safeguarding its future and preserving its ecosystem.

As such, we are a signatory of the Inter-Company Mediation Charter whose purpose is to raise awareness among economic stakeholders about inherent issues in responsible purchasing and the quality of customer-supplier relations.

Nuestros compromisos sociales

En Valpaco, queremos promover la diversidad y la mixicidad en las empresas. Compuestos por un número igual de hombres y de mujeres de 10 nacionalidades, nuestros equipos comparten los valores y la cultura de nuestro grupo, y son así garantes de sus posturas y despliegues.

Deseoso de participar en la integración de los trabajadores con discapacidad, el grupo integró una empresa adaptada: l'Imprimerie Solidaire.

I nostri impegni aziendali

Attori economici responsabili e riconosciuti nell’ambito della nostra filiera, partecipiamo attivamente per assicurarne il futuro e mantenerne l’ecosistema.

A questo titolo siamo firmatari della Carta Di Mediazione Inter-aziende il cui obiettivo è di sensibilizzare gli attori economici alle poste in gioco relative agli acquisti responsabili e alla qualità delle relazioni clienti-fornitori.

Nos engagements sociétaux

Acteur économique responsable et reconnu au sein de notre filière, nous participons activement à assurer son avenir et à préserver son écosystème.

Nous sommes à ce titre signataires de la charte Médiation Inter-entreprises dont l’objectif est de sensibiliser les acteurs économiques aux enjeux inhérents aux achats responsables et à la qualité des relations clients-fournisseurs.

Our social commitments

At Valpaco, we want to promote social and cultural diversity in business. Our teams comprise equal numbers of men and women from 10 different nationalities who all share our group’s the cultural values. As such, they act as guarantors to ensure thee values are maintained and rolled-out.

We are keenly aware of playing our part in employing workers with disabilities and the group has set up a company specifically for this called the “Imprimerie Solidaire”.



Nuestros compromisos societales

Agente económico responsable y reconocido dentro de nuestro sector, participamos activamente a asegurar su futuro y a proteger su ecosistema.

En este sentido, firmamos de Carta de la Mediación Inter-empresas, cuyo objetivo es sensibilizar a los actores económicos sobre los retos inherentes a las compras responsables y a la calidad de las relaciones cliente-proveedor.

Our values

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Gender equality:
as many women as men,
10 different nationalities

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A lasting “partners” relationship